How long will it take to get my website up and running?
Most websites can get done very quickly. Once I have all your content, your site should be ready in seven to ten days…sometimes much sooner!

Can I update my own website once it is complete?
Absolutely! Your website will be easy to update on your own. I will show you how to add images and content so you can do this yourself. And I am always available to help if you decide to make any major changes in the future.

How much can I expect my domain and hosting to cost?
I will help you set up your domain (web address) and hosting package with GoDaddy.com. This usually costs about $50/year.

Can you help me design a logo for my business and website?
Yes! I would be happy to help you develop a logo. Click here to view some examples of logos I have developed for clients.

Who owns my website once it is complete?
You do! You will maintain complete control over your website once it is complete.

What if I already have a website? Can you help me update my existing website?
In most cases yes. I work with clients to update existing websites, re-design non-effective sites and develop new websites from scratch.

Can you help me set up an email account with my domain name?
Definitely. I frequently help clients set up web-based email accounts to go along with their websites. You can choose your own handles (for example: frank@yourdomain.com) as well as the number of accounts you want.